Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Charity | Action Against Hunger

Our Check-in 4 Charity members are supporting Action Against Hunger this December. Action Against Hunger saves lives while building long-term strategies for self-sufficiency. Their global efforts save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, but millions of malnourished children remain in need of lifesaving treatment. CHECK-IN at a C4C member's office to help make a difference.

Learn more about Action Against Hunger on this video and find out why you need to check-in on Facebook at a local Check-in 4 Charity member's office.

Interested in becoming a Check-in 4 Charity member? Visit our website or give us a call at 800-888-4084 and sign up today. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

November Charity: Animal Cancer Foundation

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month!That means our members are supporting the Animal Cancer Foundation! All members' check-ins on Facebook will help generate donations for this amazing charity.
Watch this to learn a little more about pet cancer, and the benefits of comparative oncology!

FREE Check-in 4 Charity SELFIE SIGN

Promote your check-in 4 Charity membership with a FREE Selfie Sign created by Solutions by Design. 
Use this FREE selfie sign to have staff and patients showcase your Check-in 4 Charity membership on social media by posting and sharing fun pictures at your office. If you didn't recieve your Selfi Sign via membership e-mail, please contact us to get yours immediately. 

Check-in 4 Charity Selfie Sign Will:

  • Create A Fun Environment 
  • Show Support For Monthly Charities
  • Encourage Customers To Get Involved In Your Office 
  • Connect With Customers On Social Media 
  • Take Fun Staff Photos 
  • Create Social Media Content 
  • Build Relationships 

  • Tag Us!
    If you use this selfie sign please tag Check-in 4 Charity in your photos by using #Checkin4Charity!

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

    October Charity: Breast Cancer Research Foundation

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness  month, so our members are supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! The mission of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising research.

    Join us and check-in on Facebook to help our members generate donations for this amazing charity. Interested in becoming a Check-in 4 Charity member? Visit our website or give us a call at 800-888-4084 and sign up today!

    Tuesday, September 13, 2016

    September Charity: SAVE THE CHILDREN

    Our Check-in 4 Charity members are supporting Save the Children this September. Save the Children allows children around the world an opportunity to learn, be protected from harm, and provides a solution to a healthy start by transforming lives with the help of volunteers and donations.  Learn more about Save the Children on this video and find out why you need to check-in on Facebook at a local Check-in 4 Charity member's office.

    Join the movement and donate, volunteer, or check-in on Facebook to help our members generate donations for Save the Children. Interested in becoming a Check-in 4 Charity member? Visit our website or give us a call at 800-888-4084 and sign up today!

    Tuesday, July 12, 2016

    Your Membership Just Got Better

    Check-in 4 Charity has been up and running for a few months now, and we are pleased to share that our membership numbers have greatly increased. Because we are consistently growing, and our members are getting so many customers to check-in, we have decided to throw in a few freebies for all of our members to enjoy!

    Exclusive Check-in 4 Charity Buttons

    Introduce your Check-in 4 Charity membership by using these free promo buttons that are sure to grab your customers attention. These beautifully crafted buttons are great for marketing your membership and creating awareness, engagement, and traffic to your Facebook page.

    Did you know the use of promotional buttons can increase engagement rates by 2-5% in the first 2 weeks? Hand these out to your staff and start wearing them now! Each member will receive 10 Free buttons per membership. Need more buttons? Ask us how you can order more.

    Check-in 4 Charity Wristbands
    Promo wristbands are great for marketing and even better to offer your customers as an incentive to increase engagement. Do you need help reminding your customers to check-in? Put some FREE Check-in 4 Charity wristbands out on display and tell your customers they are a FREE gift to them when then check-in at your business. Each Check-in 4 Charity member will receive 100 FREE wristbands with their membership. Need more wristbands? No problem! Just ask us how you can order more.

    All current members will be receiving a shipment of buttons and wristbands within the next couple of weeks.  We look forward to helping you grow your Check-in 4 Charity campaign, and we appreciate your dedication to continuously encourage your customers to check-in in order to support the wonderful charities we have developed relationships with.

    Not a Check-In 4 Charity member? Call us to sign up today 800.888.4084 or visit our website!

    Monday, June 6, 2016

    Increase Awareness About Your Check-in 4 Charity Membership

    Check-in 4 Charity is a great product with very promising results, but one problem some members have is spreading the word about their membership. Unfortunately, unless your business and staff promote your Check-in 4 Charity membership, no one is going to know you’re company is involved. This is why we provide you with a startup kit containing all of the basic marketing materials you need to start spreading the news about your membership. If the tools we provide aren’t utilized and enhanced by your staff, you won’t be able to grow your membership to its fullest potential, leading you to miss out on connecting with thousands of potential new customers.

    At Check-in 4 Charity, we want our members to succeed, so we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to increase awareness about your Check-in 4 Charity membership in your office and online!

    Be Smart With Your Check-in 4 Charity Materials
    When you join Check-in 4 Charity, you receive a startup kit with informative table tents, POS posters, and your digital display with a custom streaming digital slideshow giving your customers information on the charity of the month. You also receive a monthly social media graphic for you to use online as you see fit. With all of these wonderful materials, there is no reason you shouldn’t be getting a minimum of 100 check-ins a month. If you’re not getting the minimum check-ins per month, you may want to re-evaluate your material placement.

    When your customer enters your office, they should instantly see a Check-in 4 Charity marketing material, whether it be a poster or the digital display. If nothing is noticeable within the first few glances around your office, you need to rearrange your materials.

    Also, utilize office equipment that is within eye range of a customer. Update your screensavers with text such as, “You Check-in, We Donate” or “Ask us how your check-in makes a difference.” Using equipment for your membership awareness is easy, fast, and free.

    Also, be sure to place table tents, POS posters, and other marketing materials in the busy areas of your office. Lobbies, exam rooms, bathrooms, the front desk, appointment desk, and areas used for photos are always a no-brainer.

    Arm Yourself with Information
    Every month we have a new charity that benefits from your customers check-ins. As you post about it online, it is to your company’s benefit to do a little research on the charity of the month. Knowing basic facts about the charity of the month will help you connect with that charity on a more personal level, as well as provide you with conversation topics when encouraging your customers to check-in, in order to generate donations for this charity. Get your staff together and go over the details about the charity and get them hyped up to make a difference. If your business is excited about helping the charity, your customers will be too.

    Promote Your Membership Online 
    Our staff provides you with a new informative social media graphic about the charity of the month every single month. This is a great way to introduce the charity of the month to your social media followers. But it doesn’t stop there. Post about your Check-in 4 Charity membership at least once or twice a week. Provide engaging content with more information and graphics about the charity and show your followers your company really does care. Encourage them to make a difference, and tag the charity on your status updates! There is so much you can do online, the limits really are endless.

    Give Your Staff an Incentive
    If your staff is not excited about this opportunity, then your customers won’t be either. Consider offering your staff an incentive to get them to remember to hype up your customers to check-in on Facebook. Set a monthly goal, and offer a staff lunch, gift cards, or something along those lines if the goal is met. Just like your customers need time to remember to check-in 4 charity, it will take your staff some time to remember to mention your membership to your customers.

    If you have any questions or need help with your Check-in 4 Charity campaign, contact our office and speak with a representative from our social media department.

    Thursday, April 7, 2016

    Encourage Customers To Check-In

    Reminding customers to check-in on Facebook is a key to success for your Checkin4Charity.com membership. It’s important to remember the exposure on Facebook is great for your business, but we understand the big question is, how do you get customers to check-in?

    Chances are most customers are armed with smartphones, and have an active Facebook account. As it takes only a few simple taps on the screen for them to check-in, getting them to do so can be a bit tricky at times. This is why we’ve provided you with the tools you need to get your customers to check-in. Our research shows that when customers see the digital display explaining that their check-in with help a charity of the month, a majority of customers will feel empowered to check-in to help make a difference. For those who don’t, you may want to provide an extended reminder. Here are a few ways you can increase the odds that your customers will take the small effort to check-in at your location.

    Use Checkin4Charity.com Marketing Materials 

    We’ve provided you with tools to help increase the number of check-ins at your business, now it’s time to use them. Make sure your digital display is placed in an area that will be seen by all of your patients. This display has scrolling details about the charity of the month, as well as encourages your customers to check-in.

    Also, use your custom social media graphic to post on your current Facebook page and social media channels. Your social media channels are one of the best places to direct people to check-in, since you’re likely speaking to those who are avid social media users. You may want to also add this graphic to your website, or blog, for more exposure to those who may not be following you on social media.

    Post Signage
    As mentioned above, Checkin4Charity.com has provided you with the tools you need to help customers be reminded to check-in. Be sure to utilize the Checkin4Charit.com posters and table tents by strategically placing them in areas with the most foot traffic. If you would like extra posters or table tents, contact us. We are always happy to provide you with as many materials as needed.

    Ask Your Patients to Check-in
    Nothing is more effective than simply asking your customers to check-in for charity. Tell them about this new campaign your business has become involved with and encourage them to help your business make a difference.

    Encourage Employees to Check-in
    One way to get your check-in process moving along is to have your employees check-in. They have friends and family members on their Facebook page that will see the check-in by them, and consider doing so themselves.

    Remind your own friends and family to check-in at your location too. When they’re visiting your location, ask them to check-in. Chances are, they will do so without hesitation.

    Remember, now that you’ve partnered with Checkin4Charity.com we are here to support your business and guide you along the way. Your partnership with Checkin4Charity.com is a win for your business and for charity. It allows customers to know that they are making a difference in the world, and the community they live in. Your ongoing journey with us will help increase exposure for both your business and the charities that need our help.