Monday, June 6, 2016

Increase Awareness About Your Check-in 4 Charity Membership

Check-in 4 Charity is a great product with very promising results, but one problem some members have is spreading the word about their membership. Unfortunately, unless your business and staff promote your Check-in 4 Charity membership, no one is going to know you’re company is involved. This is why we provide you with a startup kit containing all of the basic marketing materials you need to start spreading the news about your membership. If the tools we provide aren’t utilized and enhanced by your staff, you won’t be able to grow your membership to its fullest potential, leading you to miss out on connecting with thousands of potential new customers.

At Check-in 4 Charity, we want our members to succeed, so we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to increase awareness about your Check-in 4 Charity membership in your office and online!

Be Smart With Your Check-in 4 Charity Materials
When you join Check-in 4 Charity, you receive a startup kit with informative table tents, POS posters, and your digital display with a custom streaming digital slideshow giving your customers information on the charity of the month. You also receive a monthly social media graphic for you to use online as you see fit. With all of these wonderful materials, there is no reason you shouldn’t be getting a minimum of 100 check-ins a month. If you’re not getting the minimum check-ins per month, you may want to re-evaluate your material placement.

When your customer enters your office, they should instantly see a Check-in 4 Charity marketing material, whether it be a poster or the digital display. If nothing is noticeable within the first few glances around your office, you need to rearrange your materials.

Also, utilize office equipment that is within eye range of a customer. Update your screensavers with text such as, “You Check-in, We Donate” or “Ask us how your check-in makes a difference.” Using equipment for your membership awareness is easy, fast, and free.

Also, be sure to place table tents, POS posters, and other marketing materials in the busy areas of your office. Lobbies, exam rooms, bathrooms, the front desk, appointment desk, and areas used for photos are always a no-brainer.

Arm Yourself with Information
Every month we have a new charity that benefits from your customers check-ins. As you post about it online, it is to your company’s benefit to do a little research on the charity of the month. Knowing basic facts about the charity of the month will help you connect with that charity on a more personal level, as well as provide you with conversation topics when encouraging your customers to check-in, in order to generate donations for this charity. Get your staff together and go over the details about the charity and get them hyped up to make a difference. If your business is excited about helping the charity, your customers will be too.

Promote Your Membership Online 
Our staff provides you with a new informative social media graphic about the charity of the month every single month. This is a great way to introduce the charity of the month to your social media followers. But it doesn’t stop there. Post about your Check-in 4 Charity membership at least once or twice a week. Provide engaging content with more information and graphics about the charity and show your followers your company really does care. Encourage them to make a difference, and tag the charity on your status updates! There is so much you can do online, the limits really are endless.

Give Your Staff an Incentive
If your staff is not excited about this opportunity, then your customers won’t be either. Consider offering your staff an incentive to get them to remember to hype up your customers to check-in on Facebook. Set a monthly goal, and offer a staff lunch, gift cards, or something along those lines if the goal is met. Just like your customers need time to remember to check-in 4 charity, it will take your staff some time to remember to mention your membership to your customers.

If you have any questions or need help with your Check-in 4 Charity campaign, contact our office and speak with a representative from our social media department.